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Your Hypnotherapy Session

Your hypnotherapy session is designed to help you reach the hypnotic state where I will assist you in finding better perspective and in making desired changes.

Whether you use hypnotherapy alone, or in conjunction with coaching, the possibilities for its use are endless. It can be used to build self confidence and better self esteem; to stop smoking or remove other unwanted habits; to overcome fears;  to revisit events of the past for more positive outcomes, to help work on weight and exercise issues; to manage anger, overcome addiction, release tension, relieve pain, to sleep better, to shed negative beliefs and instill positive thoughts,  to help you create and experience a better future beginning in your mind; setting goals and desired outcomes; and to just enjoy a nice relaxing escape in your mind.

Sessions are customized for your needs. My goal is to gather information during our consultation, and with your permission, I essentially plant the seeds you need for better outcomes and more positive perspective at the subconscious level.

                                                               Call (925) 786-5399 

                                                               for an appointment

               Harnessing the power of your subconscious mind can evoke wonderful changes! 

Still not convinced, please check out the site below. is a community of people who have all successfully stopped smoking, and firmly attribute their success to hypnotherapy. 


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